Creating an order in Kosmo is a straightforward process. There are 2 ways to place a delivery using our API:

  1. Generating a quote
  2. Create an order directly

Generating a quote

Most of 3PLs rely on quotes in order to place an actual order. A quote requires a pick up, a drop off and a type of delivery in order to be created and it’s composed mainly by price and ETA.

The steps to create an order with a quote are very simple:

  1. Create a quote: this process will provide you multiple quotes and you can choose the most suitable one for your specific case
  2. Accept the quote: when you are sure you can call our Accept Quote endpoint in order to confirm and generate the order
💡 Quotes in Kosmo expire within 5’.

Create an order directly

In order to simplify the process of creating orders in one simple step Kosmo provides an endpoint to create orders directly. This endpoint requires the same data as the create quote but it also requires an autodispatch rule to automatically pick the best provider option for you.


💡 Dispatch rules

Dispatch rules are simple logical rules that will dictate how Kosmo picks the most suitable delivery provider. You can check here, to learn more about dispatching rules.

You can create orders directly using this endpoint.


💡 Cancel an order

You can cancel an order as long as it in CREATED status. In order to cancel an order you can simply use the Order ID in the cancel order endpoint. Find more details here.

Delivery Order Lifecycle