We are an API that operates like a marketplace. Businesses use our API to connect and deliver with multiple couriers.

We aggregate couriers and build products on top to make it easy for businesses to offer delivery.

By giving access to all the couriers of a city in a single platform we make it easy to deliver faster, cheaper and with more reliability.

The flow is simple. You need to send us a delivery request and we will send you back all the available delivery options. You can then choose manually or we can automate it with rules and workflows.


Use case examples:

  • Restaurants and bakeries use Kosmo to find the fastest option to deliver to their customers.
  • Flower Stores use Kosmo to compare the different delivery options and pick the most suitable.
  • Food Marketplaces use Kosmo to let different merchants work with different logistics providers.
  • Fashion E-commerce use Kosmo to access same-day and next-day delivery from a single platform.
  • Pharmacy businesses use Kosmo to offer urgent deliveries to their customers.