Order tracking is crucial to successfully manage logistics. We offer different ways to do this at Kosmo.

Orders Dashboard

Every order created under your organization via API will be visible in our orders dashboard. In order to track it you can simply log in our platform with your user credentials to track all your orders in real time.

There are 2 type of views you can use to track orders depending on nature of your business and amount of orders you process simultaneously:

  • Board view: great for businesses with less than 100 orders per day.
  • Table view: great for businesses with more than 100 orders per day who need to see more details in one same view.

In both views, we show key information to track your orders such as ETAs, a live tracking link and driver information.

Board View

This view is particularly useful for businesses that simultaneously track a lower amount of orders. The order will progress across the board as the updates happen. You can see each order sorted by status.


Table View

You can switch easily to table view when you are handling a significant amount of orders and you want to be able to see them at a glance.


Get Orders via API

We also provide the capability of retrieving the status and information of the orders using two of our endpoints. You can use this approach to fetch data related to orders and display it within your application or build your own orders dashboard.

There are 2 main endpoints for this:

  • List deliveries: Here you can list all the deliveries related to your organization.
  • Get order: Here you can get the particular details of a given order.


Kosmo uses Webhooks to notify your application when a delivery event happens. Webhooks are particularly useful to handle updates asynchronously and let you react to events such as when your order has been assigned, picked up or completed.

In order to start receiving Webhooks, you can add your configuration by logging in to our platform, in the Developers > Webhooks section. You can also find technical details of how to implement Kosmo Webhooks here.

We will return the following events and data:

  • SUBMITTED: Order successfully created in Kosmo.
  • CREATED: Order successfully created with the selected 3PL and looking for a driver.
  • TO PICK UP: Driver has accepted the delivery order and will pickup at the specified pickup time.
  • PICKED UP: Driver has picked up the item/s and is proceeding to drop-off point.
  • DELIVERED: Driver has successfully delivered the item/s to the recipient.
  • FAILED: Something went wrong and the 3PL provider could not process the order.
  • CANCELLED: When an order is cancelled either by user or 3PL provider. A reason is provided along with this status.