Communication is a critical aspect to mitigate customers’ uncertainty during a delivery. At Kosmo we provide with solutions to help you inform your customers during the different stages of a delivery.

Tracking Page

Kosmo’s tracking page allows your end-customers to track the order in real time. It summarizes the most important information required to ensure the order is being processed as expected.

This helps providing a tailored and complete experience. You can use your custom brand (logo, name, colours) in the Kosmo tracking page. We generalize all the data from all 3PL providers so you can offer a unified tracking experience.

A tracking page example is available at this URL for showcasing purpose:

How does it work?

For each delivery, we generate a custom page containing only the relevant information for a given customer to avoid collusion of private data.

The different tracking links will be provided via Webhook events under the property trackingIdRef.

Data is refreshed automatically on the page.

Statuses and ETAs are synchronized in real-time, meaning your user does not have to refresh the page to access the latest state of its delivery.


On the tracking page you will find:

  • Provider information
  • Driver information and his phone number
  • Order ID
  • Pickup information
  • Dropoff information
  • Current status of the order
  • ETAs of each delivery step
  • Driver location when available
  • Customer support capabilities


We can send E-mail and whatsapp notifications for status updates, including cancelled and delivered to your final customer. You can easily set it up in the platform settings.