Kosmo is a last mile delivery platform for local businesses. Our API provides a streamlined solution for last-mile delivery, enabling seamless integration to offer delivery with your own drivers or our deep network of 3rd party couriers.

We are a reliable software layer that allows any business to offer delivery services in an easy and reliable way. If you need to deliver products, we are the easiest way to do that.

We solve mainly 3 challenges:

  • Integration complexity and cost: by integrating with Kosmo, you can avoid the need for multiple individual delivery integrations, saving time and reducing costs.
  • Dependency on a single logistics provider for delivery services: Kosmo enables you to work with multiple providers, giving you more flexibility to provide a better delivery experience to your customers.
  • Optimization of delivery operations: With Kosmo, you can define rules and workflows to automate your logistics and streamline your delivery operations.

Available countries

Kosmo is available in all countries. globally.

Please feel free to contact [email protected] if you have issues signing up.