What is it and how to use it

Our sandbox environment is designed to enable you to test and develop your integrations with our system without placing real orders. This allows you to simulate the entire delivery process and test the full flow of your integration, without incurring any costs or affecting real customers.

Getting Started

To get started with the sandbox environment, you need to have an account. Once you have signed up, go to developers page and enable Test Mode.


Here you can manage your API keys and webhooks.

Using these API keys will allow you to interact with the Sandbox environment directly, with nothing else to send.

You can configure your local server to subscribe to Sandbox events. Also, you can check webhook logs per webhook to see what was sent.

Once you have your API key and webhooks, you can start configuring your integration to work with our system. You can use the documentation available on our developer portal to help you get started.

What you can do with it

Mocked Couriers

Our sandbox environment uses mocked drivers and couriers to simulate the delivery process. This means that orders are not real and will not be fulfilled by any driver or third-party delivery service.

Changing Order Status

In the sandbox environment, you have the ability to change the status of orders yourself. This allows you to simulate different delivery scenarios and test how your integration handles different types of events. You can use the order dashboard to view and update the status of any order that you create.

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