Kosmo has been built with 2 main use cases in mind:

  • On demand
  • Route planning

If your business operates on demand, you should use our create order endpoint. This endpoint allows you to place the order and assign manually or automatically to the drivers. After the order is created, the operations team can just monitor it in our Track page.

If your business operates with route planning, you should use our create draft order endpoint. This endpoint is very similar to the "create order" endpoint. The main different is that the order will be created in our Plan page. After the draft order is created in Plan, the operations team can proceed to create and optimize routes. Once the planning is done, they can confirm the routes and monitor them in the Track page.

So the main difference is that we have a specific page for route planning to facilitate the process to the operations team and not mix it with on demand orders.

See our plan page:

See our track page: