The following vehicle types are currently supported by Kosmo based on the specific delivery types. If you call a vehicle type that is not available in the specific delivery types - no quote will be provided.

Delivery TypeMotorcycleCarVanLorry
Next DayYesYesYesNo
1-3 DaysNoYesYesNo

Please also refer to the table below for the maximum capacity per vehicle type to avoid order cancellation resulting from selecting the wrong vehicle type for your delivery. Kosmo will not be responsible for the cost incurred in the event that the pick up items exceed the vehicle capacity and driver is unable to perform the delivery.

Vehicle TypeMax dimension (in cm)Max weight (kg)
Motorcycle50 x 40 x 408
Car110 x 80 x 5050
Van230 x 120 x 120800
Lorry750 x 230 x 2305000